Social Media Exile

I was wondering to myself about social media and it occurred to me that it’s quite easy to waste a lifetime blathering on to anyone who will listen about what you’re doing and how you’re feeling.

Not that long ago, all of that stuff was either kept private or shared on a case by case basis via text, phone, email or telegram.

Nowadays, a life doesn’t feel complete without updating 200-odd people about what you’re up to.

So, the question is, can I, a self-important social media blatherer avoid posting on Facebook or Twitter for a set period of time? Why would I want to? Because I can.

What will be the hardest times? Avoiding commenting on others’ carefully crafted words? Not moaning on about people/trains/everything? Maybe I’ll discover an alternative therapy or enlightenment to my day to day ‘stresses.’ Maybe I’ll go mad. Who knows?

The sad thing is people probably won’t notice. Am i really that social medially conspicuous? Imagine if you hung the phone up on someone or walked away mid-conversation. It’s the same principle and people would notice then. But hang on, those were the olden days. Times are better now aren’t they? Well, we’ll soon find out.