Vicky Peck RIP

It’s thankfully been over three years since I’ve had to do this, but I wish it was longer. A lot longer. I didn’t want to say goodbye to another of the Gig Family so soon, but here I am, saying adios to Vicky, and sending all my love to James.

Living in Manchester I’d always see a lot of Vicky at shows on both sides of the Pennines and it didn’t take long to get chatting to her, helping with my induction into the Gig Family (Northern Branch). As the epitome of life and indeed soul, Vicky was the one the bands knew, the audience knew, and everyone else in-between and it was obvious why from day one; she was kind, compassionate and simply cared.

We were the same age and so had lived very similar gig-going lives in our formative years, hence why she popped up in so many of the same places as me over the past decade. Whoever was playing, be it Terrorvision or Tony Wright, The Wildhearts or Ginger, Therapy? or Andy Cairns, Vicky would be there surrounded by those she loved and who adored her in return. She’d do anything to support the scene, whether that was helping out with design work, pledging on records and getting cheeky vocal appearances in return or travelling the length and breadth of the country in order to see every single date of a band’s tour.

Whether it was a crazy road trip to see Baby Chaos midweek in Glasgow, a trip to old London town or a more straightforward Saturday in The Brudenell, Vicky would always be there, fully leopard-skinned and ready to greet me with a beaming smile and a cheeky glint, poised to dance the night away with her friends in the band and the audience alike. And that was Vicky all over; fiercely loyal, committed, and full of life, and it’s how I’ll always remember her.

Vicky, you truly were the Intergalactic Party Princess and you’ll always be down the front with the best bands in the world, with us, in our hearts.


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