Marmozets + Steak Number Eight + Thought Forms @ Manchester Academy 3 – 23rd February 2015

Marmozets @ Manchester Academy 3
Marmozets – a family affair.

As short straw gigs go, Monday in rainy Manchester often takes the biscuit, but anticipation for Marmozets’ arrival dries the most moist of denims as we approach showtime in Academy 3.

Only catching the end of drone-core trio Thought Forms’set, it would be rude to judge too much but it’s still questionable whether a Monday-headed crowd is ready for seven minute Eastern-inspired wig-outs.

Steak Number Eight @ Manchester Academy 3
Steak Number Eight – meaty.

Gawping faces are soon slapped about though by Steak Number Eight, with the Belgian crew blasting through a schizo set of mind-bending absurdity. Not quite doomy enough to take Iron Monkey‘s place, SN8 still throw down a sludgy set of riff-bothering beauty, punctuated by a wonderfully vicious ‘Dickhead’. On the up for a few years now, with suitable exposure, this lot could be huge.

And so to Marmozets. Touted as The Best British Band Out There(TM) by quarters of the rock press, this show was booked to sell out and so it has, a gaggle of check-shirted under-agers visibly giddy at the prospect as a single rose is carefully entwined into Becca Macintyre’s mic stand before the Yorkshire mob even appear to a serenade of Arctic Monkeys and Morrissey’s finest odes to melancholy.

And they don’t disappoint. A spiky, punky antidote to what’s already been and gone this evening, an hour long set is hailed like the second coming.

As anthems go, ‘Weird and Wonderful’ couldn’t be closer to the truth, as although Marmozets could easily be tarred with the ‘too much too young’ brush due to their Roadrunner deal and PR push to the stars, what we have before us are still five kids full of sheer vigour which sets them apart from the vast majority of bands on the club circuit today.

A couple of unnecessary top-knots aside, Marmozets are faultless tonight. Even gobshite guitarist Sam Macintyre is annoyingly likeable with his passion for each and every song and although sister Becca might curtail his stints on the mic between tracks, the band remain Chancellor of the Exchequer-tight during an incendiary ‘Born Young And Free’.

Will this lot be just as important in bigger venues? Only time will tell, but as Marmozets close with 2015’s anthem for the disaffected ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ it’s hard to see how they can fail.

This year may have already been full of pleasant surprises but two months in it’s still delivering plenty more. Stunning stuff.

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