So, New Blog?

It’s been a while but I feel I should be blogging again. The laptop has been fired up. Twitter doesn’t give me enough space to bang on about stuff, so here we go again.

Today – taxes on banks. Why does this country consistently punish success? Banks are businesses, not charities. Admittedly, SOME banks go about things in the wrong way but the Government decided rightly or wrongly to bail them out. Now, good old FSA bod Lord Turner has suggested it would be a great wheeze to tax transactions between banks to reduce bonuses. Hang on, bonuses are contractual generally. People choose jobs based on performance related pay as well as the love of the game. We are all here to earn money at the end of the day, so what are these people being punished for? For being successful.

It seems that we can no longer celebrate any form of British success. Instead we pretend the Empire never existed and Capitalism is a dirty word.

Well, thank you, you utter utter clowns for making this once-great country even more of a poorer nation in the rest of the world’s eyes.

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